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Great Lakes Basin Transportation’s clean sheet approach to its proposed route takes into account the location of towns, residential areas, greenfield territory, and the locations where interchanges with other railroads will work after considering other potential alternatives. 

A major design precept was to avoid building the railroad through densely populated areas. The route choice as presented takes into account our design precepts and environmental factors from the standpoint of making the least impact to the region while meeting the future needs of logistics in the United States. The route is designed to avoid major population centers. Great Lakes Basin Transportation has and will continue to work with the Surface Transportation Board’s Office of Environmental Analysis, which will oversee the Environmental Impact Statement for the project.


In addition to 21 potential railroad connections and points of intersection with 8 interstate highways, Great Lakes Basin Railroad route will also involve three significant river crossings, all in the State of Illinois: Rock River in Ogle County; Fox River in LaSalle County; Illinois River in Grundy County; and Kankakee River in Kankakee County. The precise location, design and appearance of these bridges will depend on several factors, including environmental conditions.







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