Great Lakes Basin
Burnham Highway
Illinois International Airport


Great Lakes Basin Transportation has three transportation projects -- a railroad, highway, and an airport.  Each project has independent utility, but together they provide great synergy for a multimodal solution to serve national freight traffic passing thru the Chicago metro area.  Imports and exports for the region's large population and overall economic base will benefit as each project becomes operational.


This portfolio will meet the future transportation needs of the Midwest region and the entire nation. The growth predictions for rail traffic in the region substantially exceed capacity of the existing rail lines entering Chicago. Currently a load of freight can make its way from Los Angeles to Chicago in 48 hours, then take 32 hours just to travel across the city. Studies show that more than 25% of rail traffic moving through Chicago does not originate or terminate there, but only enters the city just to be switched and transferred from one railroad to another. It is not practical to build new rail lines through Chicago due to population density and alternative land use. Our goal is to ease the rail industry's dependency on Chicago by offering a safe and effective alternative to expedite freight movement across our country.

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